FUN & Culturally Enriching: A week of cultural edutainment and an opportunity to engage with others to learn stories and storytelling skills

FUNDA Story Camp

Hear stories that come from Black traditions and engage in interactive storytelling activities. Students will share their work with family and friends at the end of the week!

Winter Break Dates:

Monday, February 19th through
Friday, February 23rd


Online – Zoom Program!

Spring Break Dates:

Monday, April 15th through
Friday, April 19th


Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island
393 Broad Street • Providence, RI 02907

Funda story camp was such a great opportunity and experience for me and I learned so much working with the kids. I enjoy learning new stories and how to perform them and pass them on to more people.

Getting to learn and embrace these stories that have been passed down through many generations and watching the kids fascination listening to them was such a great heartwarming feeling.

I would love to work with RIBS again as a CIT and get to meet new kids and learn new stories with them during school vacations next year. I see it as a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and just help me moving forwards. It could definitely help me in the future with jobs and organizations looking to see the experience I’ve had, plus I also really love working with children. I babysit a lot, so working with them during breaks will also help me with how I work with children and just help me learn how to care for and teach them better. I would want other teens like me to have this opportunity, and the funds can help Funda hire them and provide a new and beneficial experience for young teens looking to learn about how to take care of kids and build and tell stories.

Adelaide Carey (age 15)

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