Read the feedback we’ve received from our community.

"I just had to share of the impact Sumner McClain had on our 1st annual Juneteenth event for the Dept. of Mental Health. Sumner so eloquently made everyone, black, white and every color in between feel totally comfortable with hearing of the importance of Juneteenth and race in America today. He was truly amazing and it was my honor to have suggested we needed to hear a story of Juneteenth, Sumner did no disappoint! The work RIBS are doing is remarkable and very much needed! Please keep up the excellent work!"


“We just finished the session with Len and we are all feeling much better. This year has been so difficult as we all mistakenly assumed we were over the worst of this pandemic and have had to cope with new challenges.

Listening and watching Len makes us all rediscover our shared community and sense of purpose. I can feel the good vibes emanating from our classrooms.

Because of the zoom connection, many staff who have always been unable to attend in person (office/reception) were able to attend this year and they were glued to their computers.

Thank you to all of you for the good work you do and for your flexibility. I look forward to next year!”

School Social Workers

“I wanted to pass along a note of appreciation from our students. We really appreciated Rochelle’s engaging and fun story-telling as well as the opportunity to consider what we learn from exploring the oral tradition of various cultures. It was a great day—thank you!”

John P. Mills, Principal of Cohasset Middle School

Feedback From The Students

Thank you. I really enjoyed all of the great stories and listening to all of the complex details! Thank you for going out of your way to share with us!

Thank you Rochelle! The stories were very entertaining and I learned new stories from other countries.

I really enjoyed all of your stories and had fun asking you my questions. I specifically liked the story about the African people freeing themselves. Thank you again and I truly loved your presentation!

I was amazed by your ability and your expressions. You have an amazing gift and I hope you come back to CMS.

Thank you for taking the time to teach us such lovely stories! I hope you can come back in a few years for my brother, he would absolutely love it!

I loved the energy that was put into your storytelling. It really made me stay engaged. Thank you!

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