Welcome to Funda Story Camp

Where the power of storytelling meets the richness of black culture! “Funda” meaning to learn in Zulu, encapsulates the essence of our program, dedicated to fostering a love for learning and embracing the diverse narratives of black people worldwide.

Spring Break Dates:

Monday, April 15th through Friday, April 19th

10:00AM-12:00PM – Grade K-8

Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island • 393 Broad Street • Providence, RI 02907

Storytelling is Fun!

RIBS offers a live, in person storytelling program for elementary students during April vacation. Join professional RIBS storytellers each day from 10-11:30 to hear stories that come from Black traditions and engage in interactive storytelling activities. This program is designed to be FUN and culturally enriching, a week of cultural edutainment and an opportunity to engage with others to learn stories and storytelling skills. Students will share their work with family and friends at the end of the week.

About Funda Story Camp

At Funda Story Camp, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling to inspire, educate, and unite. Our program is designed to engage young minds in a culturally rich journey, weaving together art, dance, music, and performance to illuminate the vibrant history of black people across the globe.

What to Expect

Dynamic Storytelling: Our skilled storytellers bring history to life, captivating young hearts with tales that celebrate the resilience, creativity, and contributions of black individuals throughout time.

Artistic Exploration: Through interactive sessions, children explore their creativity, using various art forms to express their understanding of the stories shared.

Rhythmic Beats: Music and dance are integral components of our program, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the rhythms and movements that have shaped black culture.

Join us at Funda Story Camp, where every story told is a step towards a brighter, more connected future. Together, let's inspire learning, celebrate diversity, and cultivate a love for the rich tapestry of black history.

Presented by Rhode Island Black Storytellers

As a non-profit organization, Rhode Island Black Storytellers is committed to empowering communities through the art of storytelling. Funda Story Camp is one of our flagship programs, aimed at instilling a sense of pride and curiosity in young minds. We rely on the generosity of our community partners, local organizations, and national entities, including support from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Support Us

Your contributions make a difference! By supporting Funda Story Camp, you are helping us continue our mission of educating, inspiring, and fostering cultural appreciation among the next generation. Donations and grants from individuals and organizations like yours enable us to reach more children, creating a lasting impact on their understanding of the world.

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